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10 Inch 3-Way Full Range Loudspeaker System

Ki510 is a full-range speaker designed specifically for KTV applications. The 3-way speaker combines a 10” woofer, a 5” squawker and a 1” aluminum dome tweeter and is able to handle continuous power of 350 Watts.

The high-power10” woofer features a long fiber pulp cone and pure nitrile butadiene rubber surround and provides necessary stiffness and capacity to withstand the tremendous accelerating force from the motor. The 5” paper cone squawker and the 1” aluminum dome tweeter optimizes middle and high range reproduction and guarantees non-compromised sound quality for the whole speaker system.

Ki510 takes on a bold and unique appearance. Its asymmetric cool brown enclosure echoes the deliberately-defined three-way system. The clear-cut outlines indicate the quality and performance the speaker possesses. The front panel comprises a paillette fabric and a snow-flake patterned grille and highlights a rose gold strip. The trendy enclosure creates an air of elegance and professionality.

As a showcase of JBL’s addiction to technology, JBL ENTERTAINMENT illuminate its logo through PSL (Passive Sound Lighting) Technology. Whether you are enjoying your time singing loud, or appreciating the music sitting still, you will see JBL sound with your naked eyes.





作為JBL對技術上癮的展示,JBL ENTERTAINMENT通過PSL(被動聲音照明)技術照亮其標誌。無論你是享受時間大聲歌唱還是欣賞靜坐的音樂,你都會用肉眼看到JBL的聲音。


  • A true 3-way full range loudspeaker designed for KTV applications
  • Linear suspension and vented yoke design for 10” woofer effectively reduce distortion and power compression
  • Optimized 5” paper cone squawker realizes better midrange vocal reproduction
  • 1” aluminum dome tweeter delivers optimal high frequency response
  • Precision engineered crossover for accurate and optimal frequency response
  • Built-in protection circuit protects high frequency driver from excess power without interrupting performance
  • Venting port is designed to the side for versatile installations
  • PSL (Passive Sound-Lighting) Technology indicates JBL devotion to scientific advancement


  • 為KTV應用設計的真正的3路全頻揚聲器
  • 10“低音揚聲器的線性懸掛和通風支架設計有效減少了失真和功率壓縮
  • 優化的5“紙錐中音器實現更好的中音聲樂再現
  • 1“鋁球頂高音揚聲器提供最佳的高頻響應
  • 精確設計的分頻器,實現精確和最佳的頻率響應
  • 內置的保護電路可以保護高頻驅動器免受過量的電力衝擊而不中斷性能
  • 通風口設計用於多功能安裝
  • PSL(無源聲光)技術表明JBL致力於科學進步

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