ELAC Cinema 5 5.1 Channel Satellite Speaker Package


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ELAC Cinema 5 5.1CH Satellite Home Theater System

Ooberpad brings to you the Elac Cinema 5 SET 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speakers. Imagine movie soundtracks and your favorite music coming alive with more impact and realism than ever before, immersing everyone in the room with exciting 5.1 channel, 360-degree sound. Five matched satellite speakers—two front, one center and two surround reproduce every detail in voices, instruments and sound effects for an all-encompassing sonic experience. And the bass! A powerful 100-watt Active Subwoofer that goes anywhere in the room lays a foundation of deep, rich low frequencies you can feel.

Package includes:

1 Center speaker
4 Satellite speakers
1 Powered Subwoofer

Key Features:

  • 5.1 channel home theater speaker system
  • Premium-grade center and satellite speakers for crisp and clear sound reproduction
  • 360 degree sound
  • 100W active subwoofer for powerful bass and a cinematic experience
  • Elegant brushed aluminium finish speaker cabinets

Benefits of Elac Cinema 5 SET 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speakers:

Experience Movies and Music like never before

ELAC’s Cinema 5 SET 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speakers delivers performance on a grand scale in one compact, easy-to-set-up package that opens up a whole new dimension in listening. Inside this box is a six-piece surround-sound speaker system engineered to expand your sonic landscape, while taking up so little space you barely know it’s there.

Precision Drivers

Each satellite speaker features carefully selected 34-inch neodymium magnet tweeters that reproduce crystalline high frequencies with sparkle and precision. 3-inch paper mid-range drivers accurately replicate voices and instruments with full-frequency depth and realism.

Sophisticated Control

Connect the subwoofer to your receiver, put it anywhere in the room and plug it in. Then tune the bass crossover frequency control knob from 40 to 150 Hz to suit your taste. Standby mode means you can leave it powered up all the time for even easier listening.

Powerful Bass

Immerse yourself in bass so powerful you won’t believe it comes from an 8-inch, bottom-firing driver in one clean, elegant cabinet. And because bass frequencies are omnidirectional, a single subwoofer gives you all the realistic impact from music and soundtracks.

Clean Connections

Their compact design, textured cabinet finish and elegant curved grills let the Elac Cinema 5 satellite speakers disappear in the room. Recessed binding posts allow placement nearly flush with wall surfaces for a clean look. Just add a 5.1-channel A/V receiver and get ready for the show!

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