ToneWinner MS-02A 5.1.2 Home Theater AV Receiver (RM 1,690)

ToneWinner MS-02A 5.1.2 Home Theater AV Receiver

Tonewinner MS-02A

Tonewinner MS-02A

When it comes to home theater equipment, there are too many equipment to choose from. But in the face of only two rooms and one living room, the living room with limited area will carry more functions and uses, freeing up more space for other use. Therefore, the traditional speaker must be small, preferably installed on the wall, or consider buying a SoundBar bar plus subwoofer. Tianyi enjoyed No. 1 for a long time when a new set of small panoramic sound home theater sets produced in 2019 jumped into my eyes. This is the new MS-02 Dolby Panorama small cinema set customized and installed by Tianyi. Although it is stated in the introduction that this product is suitable for commercial places such as hotels, foot baths and micro cinemas, according to my experience, it must be very good to install it in the living room. Taking a closer look, the boxes of power amplifiers are all made of aluminum alloy, processed by fine scrub and wiredrawing, and anodized dyeing process for the products put on a coat of elegant black professional equipment in line with the price. At a glance, it looks like a high-end atmosphere, which is definitely the design style and manufacturing style of a professional factory! Below, please make a systematic understanding of this set of products through my photographic lens and pen.

= Dolby Atmos, Dolby True HD , Dolby Digital+ and Backward Compatible with Other Dolby Audio Track Format.

= 1080p,4kX2K Compatible = Hdmi Input X 4 , Toslink X1 , Coaxial X 1 , Analogue Input X 1

= Power amplifiers are all made of aluminum alloy = Processed by fine scrub and wiredrawing