Sherwood Multi Channel output amplifier (RX-5502)


Multi Purpose 4 Channel Stereo Receiver

The RX-5502 is a true multi-purpose dual stereo receiver - it's like two stereo receivers in one. You can playback one audio source on all four channels or from two different sources in two different locations.

As an example, with the RX-5502 you can listen to a CD in your living room whilst listening to the radio in your outdoor entertainment area. 

Key Features


  • Stereo 100W High Power Output
  • AM / FM Stereo Tuner
  • Phono Input
  • Speaker A / B / C / D Selector
  • Multi Source Room 2 Output (C / D Speaker)

Retail : RM 1,380

  • Headphone Jack
  • Digital Encoder Volume Control
  • Fluorescent Display
  • Sleep Timer