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The K700 Pro is the flagship studio model of Ken Kreisel that utilizes an eight-driver line array design with 3D Push-Pull-Pulsar patented technology. The K700 Pro is perfect in every aspect and made without compromises. The highly accurate and coherent sound fills up your room with massive headroom and dynamic range. The unrivaled listening experience is sure to impress even the most critical users.

On the back panel of K700 Pro, there is one switch for controlling the vertical directivity of the sound dispersion. The Wide option is recommended when the speaker is used for home theater, and the room has multiple rows of seats with height differences. The Narrow option is designed for circumstances, e.g., professional recording studios, when the user wants to limit the sound reflections for more accurate sound.

K700 has four 27mm low vibration tweeters, one 27mm pro tube tweeter, two 5.25" high sensitivity midrange drivers, and one 5.25" inverted high sensitivity midrange drivers.