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Ken Kreisel invented the world's first powered subwoofer (active subwoofer) in 1977. After decades of research and development, Ken Kreisel still produces the most state-of-the-art and excellent-sounding subwoofers in the world. The DXD-500 is the same as the flagship DXD-1000 but with less power. It provides lightning-fast transient response and extremely low distortions and delivers the best possible experience for music and movies. It is perfect for people who want the flagship sound quality but do not need the maximum bass output.

By using the push-pull design of two drivers in a single subwoofer, the DXD500 doubles the bass output. The 3D Push-Pull-Pulsar technology also allows one to stack the DXD500 to improve performance. Ken Kreisel suggests stacking up to four subwoofers to increase the SPL output and provide a more even deep bass throughout the room by radiating the low frequency at a room-height line array. This feature offers excellent versatility and enables the Ken Kreisel subwoofers series to fit various spaces.

Stick to Sealed Cabinet

All Ken Kreisel Subwoofers and Satellites are sealed design. While most speakers nowadays adopt the vented(bass-reflex) design to squeeze more bass out but at the same time makes the sound muddier and sloppier, KK speakers insist on using the sealed design to deliver the more accurate, punchier, and tighter sound.

Sealed design enables you to experience the clean and authoritative deep bass and ultra-fast transient response. Unlike the vented design, which may play fairly loud but boomy, Ken Kreisel speakers are well controlled. The more precise sound, superior definition, textures and faithful music reproduction are why Ken Kreisel speakers are loved by many professional musicians, audio engineers, and sound enthusiasts.