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  • "BACK-SIDEFIRE™" design optimized for very tight time domain pressure coupling with your studio or room
  • Unique Modular Scalable Building Block Design, upgradeable to the DUO and QUATTRO
  • Custom Molded NBR Surround for Ken Kreisel’s “Silent Running Suspension”™ system
  • High Strength Extremely Linear Spider made from a special blend of cotton and pure NOMEX
  • Optimized Magnetic Structure using an undercut T-Style Pole Piece and Aluminum Shorting Ring
  • Precision Ultra High Temperature Wound Voice Coil on Black Anodized Bobbin for Maximum Cooling
  • Dual Class D Push-Pull Cross-Coupled High Current - Hybrid Bridge Monoblock Amps™ Delivering 750+ Conservative Continuous RMS Watts
  • Dual Integrated Cross - Coupled High Speed Switching Power Supplies for Maximum Dynamic Peak Headroom
  • Dedicated Monoblock Amplifier for each of the High Velocity Deep Base™ Drivers
  • Professional Grade High Performance Pre-Amp using a Pure Analog Circuit Design
  • Balanced XLR input with Pass-Through XLR Output for Multiple Sub Setup
  • Variable Bass Level, with Fixed Level Setting, Phase, Low Pass Filter Controls with Filter Bypass Switch
  • High Performance XLR input using Professional Instrumentation Type Balanced Circuit Design
    Cone Design: The dual 12 inch drivers are KEN KREISEL PROFESSIONAL SOUND™ low-mass long-throw HIGH VELOCITY DEEP BASS drivers™. They are comprised of a very strong long fiber pulp blend cone material which offers maximum strength and rigidity while maintaining minimum mass. The front of the cone is treated with a specialized coating compound. The dust cap is constructed of a long fiber pulp blend with an additional layer of coating on the front side. The combination of cone angle, dust cap diameter, shape and geometry have been meticulously selected to provide near perfect piston emulation, maximum cone area efficiency, and controlled high velocity characteristics in both the inward and outward directions. The impedance on each driver is a nominal 4 ohms.

    Surround Design: The carefully designed, shaped, and custom molded surround is made from a select NBR formulation (NITRILE RUBBER-acrylonitrile-butadiene copolymer). This formulation provides for minimum mass, maximum linearity, ideal "silent high dynamic motion" characteristics, and excellent thermal stability. It does require some initial driver "break-in time" for best performance, usually several hours of very heavy use. A specially recorded KEN KREISEL™ break-in test disc will be available in the future which will maximize break-in effect, minimize break-in time, and minimize neighbor complaints.

    Spider Design: The spider is comprised of a unique blend of cotton and pure NOMEX for extreme linearity, low mass and high strength and durability.

    Magnetic Structure Design: The magnetic structure uses an optimized undercut T-style pole piece design as well as an optimized aluminum shorting ring. These two elements allow for maximum magnetic field linearity and symmetry which in turn leads to reduced distortion and controlled driver inductance.

    Voice Coil Design: The ultra high temperature voice coil is precision wound on a black anodized aluminum bobbin for maximum cooling and uses Asymmetrical Centering to assure Optimized Magnetic Field Symmetry, which is necessary for low distortion. The voice coil is optimized and fine tuned using a laser guided Klippel Measurement System and state-of-the-art FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Electromagnetic Field Simulation software. Further voice coil cooling is accomplished by a unique Airflow Maximizer Design™, whereby optimized cone perforations behind the dust cap force hot air to exhaust and cool air to draw in around the voice coil. All this is accomplished with absolute minimum air turbulence, resulting in an extremely well cooled and yet "quiet" driver with superb power handling characteristics, as well as very minimal high power thermal compression which in turn provides greater dynamic range.

    Amplifier Design: Newly developed Claridy™ Dual Class D Push-Pull Cross-Coupled High Current - Hybrid Bridge Monoblock™ amplifiers and Dual Integrated Cross-Coupled High Speed Switching power supplies with a total power output of 750+ Conservative Continuous RMS watts from two 375+ watt Cross-Coupled Monoblock Amps. These powerful Claridy amplifiers provide the KEN KREISEL PROFESSIONAL SOUND™ Long-Throw High Velocity Deep Bass™ drivers with a stable and tight electrical drive with a conservatively rated 750+ watts of continuous RMS power, and almost 3 times that in peak wattage output whenever it is needed. The power house in the DXD-12012 subwoofers, these amps overcome many of the limitations of Class D amplifiers and switching power supplies. Most Class D amplifiers exhibit poor sounding clipping characteristics which require aggressive use of limiting circuits to prevent any amplifier clipping on high transient peaks. These Claridy amps have near ideal clipping characteristics allowing very minimal use of any type of limiting circuitry which assures maximum headroom capability yielding superb high level bass detail not heard from other subwoofers. The DXD-12012 uses two completely separate and physically isolated Pure Monoblock Claridy amplifiers, with each amplifier utilizing its own separate and independent 400+ continuous watt high speed switching power supply. Each of these monoblock amplifiers feeds one 4 ohm HIGH VELOCITY DEEP BASS™ subwoofer driver. The two amplifiers are run in a balanced Hybrid-bridge Push-Pull™ configuration so the two amplifiers are electrically out-of-phase with each other and the two 400+ watt power supplies are cross-coupled (connected together) making an 800+ watt power supply with a "+" voltage and a "-" voltage. Because the two amplifiers are running out of phase, with one amp swinging a positive 400+ watts while the other amp swings a negative 400+ watts, the power supply is balanced with plenty of reserve energy as the 800+ watt power supply only has to deliver 400+ watts at any one time.

    Front-end Signal Processing Circuit Design: The Totally Pure High Performance Analog circuit design used in the new KEN KREISEL™ subwoofers provides all the analog audio processing for the BALANCED (XLR) AND UNBALANCED (RCA) Input Circuitry, Direct Pass-Through Output, BASS LEVEL Control, EQ Parameters, Low-Pass FILTER and Phase Control. This Professional Grade Pure Analog circuitry is preferred by top studio recording and mixing engineers, as it does not have the inherent latency and re-digitization problems associated with subwoofers that have a DSP front-end. The balanced XLR input uses a High Performance Professional Instrumentation type balanced circuit design, which can even help eliminate hum in some unbalanced situations were a ground loop exists (requires a special RCA to XLR cable available separately).

    Cabinet Design: Sealed Box with "raw" driver in the box exhibiting a "Q" of .5 - .707 (before any electronic EQ) which results in optimum transient performance with a natural roll-off of 12dB/octave. The hand buffed and polished high gloss MDF side panels are 25mm thick with an additional 18mm panel on the driver side for further reinforcement. The top panel is 25mm, the rear panel is 18mm and the bottom driver mounting panel is 18mm and is further reinforced with a 12.5 mm panel. The body of the cabinet is covered with beautiful simulated black leather.