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Press Release Announcing ISF Certification

GRANDVIEW SCREEN USA announces ISF Certification for its projection screens.

On August 27, 2015, Grandview Screen USA submitted several projection screens to the IMAGING SCIENCE Foundation (ISF) to be tested for ISF certification. In attendance from Grandview Screen USA were Robert Grawet President, Joan Lighty COO and Dan Drook Vice President Sales and Marketing. Joel Silver (Owner and President) of ISF said it was important for the Grandview team to attend the tests to experience firsthand knowledge of the test procedures. Joel commented, “I looked at the Grandview screens prior to the tests, and saw they all had great potential.” At the end of the day, three screens received ISF certification. According to Robert Grawet, “This is an exciting achievement and we are very proud of the results. We look forward to providing high quality ISF certified screens to our clients.” It is Grandview’s goal to produce new products that will meet the enhanced quality certifications of the Imaging Science Foundation. Our objective is to provide excellent products to our customers, and to continue our growth with an ISF presence.

Grandview Crystal Screen Co. Ltd. is one of the worlds most innovative and influential projection screen manufacturers, offering a complete line of internationally recognized products. In 1999, Grandview originated and was established in Canada. Today, Grandview's research and development center and manufacturing facility is located in the Panyu District of Guangzhou City in China. The Grandview brand can now be found around the world. With a dedication to quality, consistency and social responsibility, Grandview is a top ranked company domestically and internationally. Throughout the years, Grandview has earned numerous awards and accolades which showcase the consistent and ever growing dedication of the company. Research and development has been key to Grandview’s success. Whether it be new projection screen models or improving upon current screens.

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Origin of Quality

The proverb said: Nothing in the world is too hard to do if we set our minds on it. This is the same rule and dedication Grandview's quality control management adheres to.

Detailed work determines success, good quality come from strict quality control.

With detailed designs, a meticulous manufacturing process and stringent quality control standards, Grandview products enjoy an extremely low rate of warranty repairs needed.