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Adante ASW-121 Dual 12" Powered Subwoofer by ELAC

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The Adante ASW-121 delivers a colossal 1,200 Watts of BASH amplifier power to dual 12-inch Aluminum Sandwich drivers, configured in a push-push pull-pull configuration. Advanced Bluetooth control, DSP and Auto EQ let you operate this no-compromise subwoofer from your smartphone. A steel base and included floor spikes ensure optimum performance.

Elac’s Adante SUB3070 is a beautifully designed, technically sophisticated subwoofer with the most capable and friendly control app I’ve ever encountered in a sub. It has the smooth, well-defined sound a subwoofer needs to blend well with a high-end music system, and its app allows it to be tuned to near perfection, even in situations in which the optimal subwoofer position must be compromised for the sake of visual aesthetics. While it’s not the kind of powerhouse sub that serious home-theater aficionados tend to choose, it maintained its composure in tough deep-bass tests, delivering tremendous impact with explosions and other high-intensity sound effects.-- Soundstage Magazine.