Draper series

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Fixed Screens are permanently tensioned screens that provide a contemporary, theatre-like appearance wherever a permanently mounted front or rear projection screen is required. The viewing surface is flat and that means perfect picture quality. Draper has a permanently tensioned screen to fit your needs.

StageScreen (silver)

In response to requests from leading AV rental dealers, the StageScreen® is a totally new concept in projection screen design. It is designed specifically to be flown, but can also be used with legs. Either way, it is the strongest and most rigid screen on the market.

The truss system is completely modular. All available sizes of StageScreen® are built from combinations of the same 6 standard color-coded frame sections pictured below. Not only does this make screen assembly faster and easier, but if a frame section should ever become damaged you can replace it in seconds without tools.

AV rental dealers can easily streamline their inventory with the StageScreen. You can change a Multiformat to an NTSC, HDTV, or 16:10 format at minimal cost by exchanging or removing a few frame sections (separate viewing surface required). The return on investment becomes immediately evident when comparing the cost of several sizes of folding truss screens to the StageScreen®. Legs are constructed using the same truss sections as the frame.


The Onyx permanently tensioned projection screen provides a beautifully framed image, and assembles in about 10 minutes. Front or rear projection.


Clarion permanently tensioned projection screen. Perfectly flat, for perfect picture quality.


Cineperm permanently tensioned projection screen. Snap-on projection screen with aluminum frame. Provides contemporary, theatre-like appearance wherever a fixed screen is required.

ShadowBox Clarion

ShadowBox Clarion permanently tensioned projection screen. The frame serves as a black border around the image area.

Edgeless Clarion

The WrapAround Clarion - Image area extends from edge to edge.

Lace & Grommet

Ideal projection screen for theatres, auditoriums and stage events.