MiPRO MA-727 New Luxury Portable Wireless PA System


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  • Industry’s first portable wireless PA systems to apply MTM and line-array two-way loudspeaker system designing principle to expand the sound field, enhance sound pressure level and reproduce natural sound.
  • Industry’s first one-piece cabinet has a built-in loudspeaker system that configures a vertical dumbbell-shaped layout and performs balanced and natural sound projection for a wide coverage of hearing positions.
  • The front of the cabinet is fully covered by an MTM shaped grille, the dimensions close to aesthetic golden-section ratio, and departs away from the outdated counterfeits.
  • The three L/M/S sized models have identical cabinet designs. The built-in exclusive power amplifier drives the loudspeaker system to achieve a full-range “Point Source” sound field and powerful, clear sound output, offering for various occasions and different requirements.
  • All three models are equipped with the same control panel, providing users to operate all models with the same familiar operating modes.
  • The control panel configures wireless receiver modules, MP3 recorder/player, USB port, SD card slot, CD player, line input jack, and microphone input jack. All audio signals are mixed to output and the input level can be adjusted individually. Also, an exclusive subwoofer out socket, alarm siren button, VOP switch and power on/off switch, and the LED indicators displaying battery level and charging status.
  • The plug-in Bluetooth receiver module performs a reliable connection with smartphones or tablets to play music.
  • An additional interlinking transmitter module offers more active speakers to be connected together in operation by wireless linking.
  • An exclusive mute button to replace the master volume control for easy access and correct control of various input signals.
  • MIPRO adapts exclusive DSP function instead of the traditional complex sound effect controls, to simplify the panel configuration for easy operation. It allows quick selection of preset sound effect modes to meet requirements. DELAY mode is also provided for adjusting the sound transmission time delay of extension speakers.
  • Industry’s first patented retractable pulling handle storage design, combining with the bottom wheels for effortless transport.
  • A stand adaptor at the bottom of the cabinet allows the cabinet to be installed on a tripod stand or a subwoofer cabinet.
  • Built-in exclusive rechargeable battery holder allows fast insertion and replacement with lithium-ion batteries. External AC power source also can be connected to provide the system for complete operation and battery charging. A storage compartment provides for storing accessories.
  • The user-friendly waterproof storage bag is an included accessory.
  • Designed in Taiwan and manufactured in MIPRO’s computerized management production line to guarantee the best product quality.


Model MA-727
Name New Luxury Portable Wireless PA System
Max. Power Output 170 W rms, 240~580 W max.
Rear Panel 1 unit of the dual-module slot, control panel module and amplifier module
Audio Input / Output DSP control panel module
Audio Player Integrated DPM-3P recorder/player with SD / USB slots
Bluetooth Foolproof plug-in Bluetooth module
Audio Inputs Combo XLR balanced Mic-in × 2
Line Inputs Ø 3.5 mm stereo Line-in × 1, Ø 6.3 mm Line-in × 1
Outputs Ø 6.3 mm Line-out × 1, Ø 6.3 mm SUB-out × 1
Volume Controls Each audio signal has an adjuster for adjusting the volume individually. Then all signals are mixed to output.
Mute Button The mute button replaces the traditional master volume control, which can mute only the background music or all audio signals.
Controls DSP buttons, VOP switch
Alarm Siren Alarm Siren button with fade-in effect
Indicators Power on/off switch and battery capacity indicators
Optional Modules Up to 2 receiver or interlinking transmitter modules
Transmitters Compatible with the receiver modules
Antennas Built-in active high-efficiency dual antennas for long-distance stable reception.
Wired Microphones MM-59 or MM-590 (optional)
CD player N/A
Power Supply Built-in battery compartment. External DC power supply.
Rechargeable Batteries 8 × 26650 Lithium-ion batteries
Standby Time 6 hours
Battery Indicators 4 segment LED indicators display battery capacity and charging status.
Dimensions 311 × 452 × 303 mm (W×H×D)
Weight Approx. 9.4 kg, batteries included
Patents and Approvals Patented. Telecom and safety regulations approved.
Note Refer to the actual product in the event of product description discrepancy.


Click here to download Mipro MA-727 specification sheet

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