MiPRO ACT-848/TA80 Digital Wideband Wireless Microphone System



  • The ACT-848 is an EIA standard 1U dual channel rack-mountable receiver with metal chassis.
  • A full-color VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) provides clear viewing of all parameters. All controls are intuitive and easily accessible, allowing for quick and easy system setup via a single rotary control.
  • Enhanced RF circuitry improves anti-interference characteristics and system compatibility with 64 MHz wide bandwidth allows more interference-free channels to be selected
  • New digital diversity receiving technology eliminates signal dropout and enhances receiving range.
  • Full-Range sound quality won’t be changed by the strength of RF signals or operation distance.
  • Digitally-processed RF circuitry and DigitnamicPlus™ technology eliminates compander noise, assuring a wireless sound quality that easily rivals cable transmission.
  • Improved proprietary Audio A/D Converter provides a true dynamic range of 115 dBA, T.H.D. < 0.03% at 1 kHz with < 2.7 ms latency
  • AES3id Digital Audio Interface facilitates a direct connection to digital mixing consoles and transmits signal without distortion, ensuring a stable S/N ratio which will not deteriorate in long distance transmission.
  • Proprietary 256-bit encryption, provides secure audio transmission, preventing unauthorized listening.
  • 10 built-in SmartEQ™ presets and user-defined microphone capsule equalization allows faithful sound reproduction to suit artists’ preferences.
  • 10 built-in digital anti-feedback SmartEQ™ presets minimize feedback effectively without sacrificing sound quality.
  • Optional Standard AA battery transmitters or rechargeable lithium battery transmitters.


Channel  Quad
Frequency Range UHF 480 ~ 960 MHz (country dependent)
Bandwidth 64 MHz
Sensitivity 12 dBμV at S/N ≒ 118 dBA (digital output)
Spurious Rejection > 85 dB
Audio Sampling 24-bit / 44.1 kHz Rate
Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Dynamic Range > 115 dB (A)
Latency 2.7 ms
Audio Interface AES digital output, analog transmission
Monitor Output Headphone monitor connector
Dante Interface Optional
Power Supply External adaptor
Dimensions 420 (W) × 44 (H) × 245 (D) mm / 17 × 1.7 × 9.6 “
Net Weight Approx. 2.6 kg / 5.7 lbs
Antenna Detachable. 50Ω TNC female connector provides bias for the MIPRO antenna systems.
Note Refer to actual product in the event of product discrepancy.
Frequency range and maximum deviation comply with the regulations of different countries.

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TA 80

ta-80-with-wired-micTA 80 with MP80 & adaptorTA 80 with MP 8T chargerTA 80 with ACT 8 series receivers


The MIPRO TA-80 is a digital miniature wireless plug-on transmitter with balanced XLR mic input jack, designed for professional interview applications. It allows condenser or dynamic wired microphones to become wireless and is compatible with ACT-8 series receivers for premium sound quality.

The TA-80 has a compact and ultra-thin rugged aluminum housing construction. The input jack is easy to install and remove, and can be screw-locked with the microphone. It provides phantom power of 12, 48 V switchable levels for condenser microphones with up to 10mA current load. When the transmitter is connected to dynamic microphones, the phantom power can be turned off. A backlit LCD panel shows all operational parameters.

An ICR 18500 rechargeable lithium battery provides a minimum 8 hours of operation and can be recharged over 600 times. Even when set to 48V phantom power, it provides a minimum 5 hours of operation. Simply charge the transmitter in the charger after each use. It’s also easy to remove and replace the battery or charge the battery in the charger.


Housing Aluminum alloy
Frequency Range UHF 470 – 934 MHz
Oscillation Mode PLL Synthesized.
Frequency Stability ≦±0.005% (-10℃ – +60℃)
RF Output Power 10 mW / 50 mW switchable (country dependent)
Spurious Emissions ≦ -60 dBc
Antenna Internal
Modulation Type New digital modulation
Audio Compression DSP Inertial coding
LCD Display Group, Channel, Frequency, AF gain, Low-cut, Limiter, Encryption status, RF power, Phase, Lock status, Mute mode, Battery status & Error codes
Gain Setting +30 dB, +24 dB, +18 dB, +12 dB, +6 dB, 0 dB, -6 dB, -12 dB , -18 dB (9 settings). 0 dB = microphone sensitivity
Phantom Power 12 V / 48 V switchable, with phantom power on indicator. 48 V provides up to 10 mA current load. Phantom power is not required for dynamic microphones.
Mic Input Balanced XLR
Battery Type ICR 18500 rechargeable lithium battery
Operating Time Min. 8 hours (Low power, phantom power off)
Current Consumption Approx. 140 mA (Low power, phantom power off)
Dimensions (W × H × D) 44 × 114 × 37 mm / 1.7 × 4.5 × 1.5 “
Net Weight Approx. 165 g / 5.8 oz, excluding battery

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