MiPRO ACT-80H Digital Wideband Wireless Transmitter


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  • Innovatively designed housing combines aesthetics and ergonomic style.
  • Standard champagne-color housing. Optional custom-made colors are available.
  • Patented design of the integrated grille and battery housing make it easy to unscrew the grille to open the battery compartment and install 2 AA or rechargeable batteries.
  • The unique flat top multi-layered steel grille for condenser capsules and round top for dynamic capsules protect the capsule against impact, rolling and pop noise. The upper grille is able to be detached easily for cleaning and hygiene practices.
  • Patented capsule suspension design virtually eliminates vibration and handling noises.
  • Interchangeable capsule module with premium condenser or dynamic options for easy and fast changeovers.
  • Condenser capsule exhibits high fidelity, wide dynamic range, fast transient responses, good feedback rejection, accurate sound image characteristics, transparent sound quality, and withstands maximum SPL.
  • Backlit LCD displays frequency band, group, channel, battery status, encryption status, RF and audio levels.
  • The bottom housing with built-in high-efficiency antenna features power switch, mute and setup buttons for programmable gain, limiter, low cut and RF output power.
  • Patented end-cap cover with color-coded channel identification clips. Detach the end-cap cover for parameters set-up. Reversible end-cap allows shielding of power on/off or mute switches during performance.
  • Three selectable mute settings: Auto, Manual & Disabled. “Auto” mute activates automatically when handheld transmitter points down towards the ground.
  • Three selectable gain settings: 0 dB (same as microphone sensitivity), +3 dB, +6 dB.
  • An interference-free channel can be synchronized automatically and quickly without error by stable PLL circuit and MIPRO’s patented ACT™ sync function.
  • Two selectable transmitter output power settings: HI (high-power) & LOW (low-power)


Frequency Range UHF 480 – 960 MHz (country dependent)
Bandwidth 64 MHz
Channel Set-Up ACT Sync
RF Output Power 10 mW / 50 mW (switchable)
Spurious Emission ≦ -60 dBc
Oscillation Mode PLL Synthesized
Frequency Stability ≦ ±0.005% (-10 – +60℃)
Modulation Type New digital modulation
Audio Compression 2nd generation DSP Inertial coding
LCD Display Group, Channel, Frequency, AF gain, Low-cut, Limiter, Encryption status, RF power, Mute mode, Battery status & Error codes
Gain Setting +6dB, +3dB, 0dB (3 settings). 0dB=microphone sensitivity
Battery Type 2 AA alkaline
Operating Time Min. 12 hours (Low Power)
Current Consumption High Power: approx. 125 mA; Low Power: approx. 100 mA
Dimensions (Ø × L) 51 × 258 mm / 2 × 10.1 “
Net Weight Approx. 323 g / 11.4 oz

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