FBT XPRO 112MA Active Monitor Speaker




The new X-PRO 112MA coaxial monitor is part of the wide range of the XPRO series, renewed with the redesign of all the electronics that allowed to increase the power and add important innovations. The control panel features a three-channel mixer with two micro-line inputs, a stereo input and a dedicated channel for bluetooth 5.0; two xlr inputs, stereo input, xlr output with ch1 or mix link selector, hp filter, two mic-line selectors, dsp preset selector, bluetooth 5.0 with pairing led.

The use of BLUETOOTH 5.0 (compatible with previous versions) for streaming audio from smartphone / tablet that allows the simultaneous recognition of two speakers with the possibility of controlling their volume remotely, in addition to the use of more performing speakers capable of generating a very high sound pressure, very low distortions and an incredibly natural sound. Also new is the “power unit” equipped with a switching power supply with automatic voltage change; an internal ventilation system, with intelligent control of the number of revolutions, allows the operating temperatures of the amplifier to be kept low, guaranteeing its silence. The XPRO 112MA speaker is built in plywood, equipped with two integrated handles; the stand insert allows its use also on a stand support or in any case in a free field.

1200W – 129dB SPL Processed Active Subwoofer


  • 2-way bi-amplified bass-reflect design
  • Woofer custom 12” / 2.5’’ voice coil
  • 1” throat / 1.4” voice coil HF compression driver
  • 1200/300W HF class D amplifier
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 3 channels mixer
  • 4 DSP presets
  • Box in plywood with anti-scratch treatment

Click here to download FBT XPRO_112MA DataSheet

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