FBT Xlite 115 Passive Reinforcement Speaker




    • 2-way passive system
    • Polypropylene molded enclosure
    • 15″LF woofer / 2,5″ voice coil
    • 1″ throat / 1,4″ voice coil HF compression driver
    • 400W RMS recommended amplifier
    • 30° or 45° monitor taper
    • M10 rigging points
    • 90°H x 60°V constant directivity horn

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The X-LITE series has been renewed with the redesign of all the electronics, increasing power and adding important innovations, such as a 3-channel mixer and the use of BLUETOOTH 5.0 for streaming audio from smartphones and tablets, in addition to the use of more efficient speakers capable of generating a higher sound pressure.


The “power unit” is also new featuring a switching power supply with automatic voltage switch in the 100-240Vac range; two high-efficiency Class D channels, a three-channel mixer with two micro/line inputs, a stereo input and channel for wireless audio streaming with BLUETOOTH 5.0 protocol (compatible with previous versions) that allows the simultaneous recognition of two speakers with the possibility of remote volume control. The introduction of fan with smart control of the number of revolutions allows amplifier operating temperatures to be kept low, ensuring noise-free operation.



  • Polypropylene cabinet with gas injection moulding designed to eliminate unwanted resonance.
  • High-efficiency custom FBT speakers with high linear excursion capacity.
  • Compression drivers with 25mm aperture and 35mm coil.
  • 1200W LF and 300W HF high dynamic Class D amplifier.
  • Universal switching power supply 100-240Vac.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • DSP processor with 4 equalization presets.
  • Advanced filtering algorithms, dynamic equalization of low frequencies, energy control that change depending on the preset chosen.
  • 3-channel mixer: one dedicated BLUETOOTH 5.0 channel, two independent micro/line channels with separate volume and one with stereo jack input, balanced XLR MIX output or CH1 LINK.
  • Built-in handles, M10 anchor points for suspended installation, stand support, 30° and 45° diffuser monitor profile.

2-way Passive Reinforcement Speaker
400W/8ohm – 127.5dB SPL



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