BMB Karaoke Package CSV10


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Premium Amplifier Specialise for Family

  • Multi Function Karaoke Amplifier, Good for KTV and Home Use
  • Maximum Output 2 x 350W
  • Double Bluetooth Connection/ USB Player/ HDMI 2 In 1 Out
  • PC Editor
  • Remote App for Smartphone


Karaoke Speaker

The “sound” for you, throughout the heart The unique design of the horn-oriented PA Original adjustable switch of howling control Excellent quality, respectable appearance.

1. Multi-cellar horns are adopted for the two tweeters and are also set up via angling to
localize an even wider range of clear sound imaging and give realistic sound quality.

2. We adopted a newly developed woofer to implement the industry’s leading high
permissible power input with a rated input of 250W and a maximum input of 500W.

3. This product is fully equipped with a tone switch,allowing tone and acoustic feedback to be controlled depending on the environment of the room, as well as an automatic reset tweeter protector.


MB WB-5000S

UHF Wireless Microphone System

  • By adopting a high-performance microchip and suppressing distortion, we realized a unique wireless quality microphone unique to BMB.
  • It uses high-quality liquid crystal, it is easy to see in any installation situation.
  • When the microphone dropped, The microphone will become mute.
    It will not occur the Large volume Noise, when falling more than 20 cm.
  • New function that microphone automatically connect to receiver by shaking microphone. (WB-5000 / WM-500)


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