Ultra High Contrast Series Ambient Light Rejection Screen


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    Compared with white wall or other ordinary screens, our anti light screen has 2.0 optical gain, In the projection industry, the brightness on a white wall is defined as 1, and the optical gain of the Art series is 2.0, which can be seen as an increase in brightness by 2 times.

    4K Support and 1.2mm Thickness

    Ultra-fine surface optic structure presents 4K quality image perfectly. With 1.2mm thickness, the existence of the wall screen is almost invisible, Its ultra-thin artistic beauty complements with the modern decoration of your home

    100 Inch Home Theater

    100″ is the standard configuration in the living room for those who loves home entertainment.
    It is designed to be matched with all light source projector, including lamp, LED and laser projector. This is the right time to bring your projector into living room.

    High Contrast Ratio

    Brightness, contrast, and color reproduction are the key to the quality of the image.
    Most ordinary screens have upgrade reflection to increase brightness, but they are lack of fine optical structure on the surface, which cannot improve the brightness while ensuring contrast upgrade and present the original color of projector.
    The optical structure on the surface of the Art series enhances the contrast while increasing the brightness, ensuring the perfect presentation of the original colors of the projector.

    3 Angles Light Rejecting

    when the projector is front-mounted, the Art series is supposed to be front-mounted on the wall. Art can reflect the light from the left, right and above. This doesn’t affect the quality of the picture from the ambient light, but only reflect the light from the projector to the viewer. It can be applied to the environment with strong light from the ceiling.
    When the projector is front/ceiling mounted, the Art series is supposed to be reversed, it can reflect the light from the left, right, and below. It can be applied to an environment where there is no strong light from the ceiling.

    Optic Structure Lines

    The structure of each layer ensures the perfect gain effect of the screen, making your viewing experience better.

    Rollable Design

    Traditional 100″ projection screen products are difficult to enter the elevator to carry upstairs
    Flexible, rollable, 7Kg Art series screen, which greatly reduces the packaging volume and is convenient for local transportation and handling.

    Easy Installation

    A traditional 100″ projection screen requires a lot of time to assemble components. Mostly it is required to drill walls or be installed on the ceiling, professionals are required to offer measurement and installation services.
    Art-100 weighs only 7Kg. and it is designed as a whole piece, components assembly is unnecessary, and can be rolled. The magnetic installation design requires only 2 family member to lift and attach it to the wall to complete the installation.
    It can even be moved to other rooms at will.

    Real Scene Display

    Because it is easy to transport, easy to install and has good gain effect, it is different from different scenes, such as bedroom, living room, office and classroom etc

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    100", 120"

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