ACME (16:9) Motorized Tab Tension Screen


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Product Description

Material :  4K soft white fabric
Casing:  metal

Imported classic soft white fabric, low reflecting rate, high contrast, restore natural color well, which makes picture clear and vivid. Can choose the appropriate screen according to the real needs.

The Elastic Force Tightens System can be adjusted freely with the leveling degree ,can remove the disaster “erect cockles” that the general screens hardly eliminate, making the curtain as neat as a mirror.

The built-in tubular motor, top grade and luxurious, travel noise is minima, the screen keeps stable and silent when going up and down, smoothly.

600mm black drop at top of screen is now stand on tab-tensioned screen, additional drop optional, and extra drop will increase the length of the screen.

Suitable for use in home theaters, scientific research institution, government institution, command center, and other entertainment sites.

Screen Size

92", 100", 110", 120", 130", 140", 150", 160"

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